Version 1.0.8

+ [IMPROVE] Optimize code
+ [FIX] Calendar, Booking when use WPML.
+ [UPDATE] language file.
+ [UPDATE] Update Pickup date, Drop-off date in booking form when refer from search page.
+ [ADD] Add capacity hook for some actions: create order, update order status, create checkout field

Version 1.0.7

+ [FIX] Drop-off date when create manual order
+ [FIX] Number vehicle doesn’t update at frontend and calendar
+ [FIX] Show/hide some fields in Cart, Mail
+ [ADD] Hide Unavailable Date when choose pick-up, drop-off date.
+ [IMPROVE] UI Date Calendar

Version 1.0.6

+ [FIX]: Insurance display in cart
+ [FIX]: Display Time Format

Version 1.0.5

+ [ADD] Enter number vehicle in booking
+ [ADD] Add unlimited service with price in booking 
+ [ADD] Order Closed Status => Help improve searching product at frontend
+ [ADD] Search by Order ID or Name Customer in Manage Order
+ [ADD] Option: add require location per Vehicle
+ [IMPROVE] Display total price/time in search
+ [FIX] Check isset in admin
+ [FIX] Update prepare time a car to booking calendar

Version 1.0.4

+ [UPDATE] calculate cart with special time
+ [UPDATE] create manual order
+ [UPDATE] Rental Type Period with unfixed time, the customer can choose time.
+ [UPDATE] Documentation

Version 1.0.3

+ [FIX] Category Edit page doesn’t load again.
+ [FIX] Settings in Admin
+ [FIX] some file has space at the top of file.

Version 1.0.2

- [FIX] Rental Type Hotel
- [FIX] Validate Booking When checkout

Version 1.0.1

- [FIX] Search at frontend
- [FIX] Check Product at backend
- [FIX] error javascript at frontend in iPhone 
- [FIX] display shortcode in extra tab
- [ADD] filter to remove "Manual ID Vehicle" depend "Location"
- [IMPROVE] Optimize code

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