Manage Team

1: List All Members

From Dashboard, Go to Team >> All Members With this feature, you can see a list of all memberes. Besides, it allows you to view, edit, remove and clone any member pages

2: Add A New Member

From Dashboard, Go to Team >> Add A New Member You can add: - Title - Description - Avatar - Job - Email - Phone - The Class Icons of social networking sites - The Links of social networking sites - A New Social Networking Site - A signature

3: Add A New Team Category

With this feature, to create a new team category, you only need to: - Add name of team category, slug and description - Choose Parent Items‌

You can see the image below:

After adding the new team category "public administrator", you will see:

4: Customize Template

Copy php file from Plugins/ova-team/templates/*.php to Themes/egovt-child/ovateam-templates/*.php

4.1 Customize Team list template

You can customize in Plugins/ova-team/templates/archive-team.php file

4.2 Customize detail Team template

You can customize in Plugins/ova-team/templates/single-team.php file

4.3 Customize Team Element in Elementor template

You can customize in Plugins/ova-team/templates/elementor/*.php file

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