Build Header Elementor

1: Add new header

Go to Builder Header Footer >> Add New >> Insert Title and chooser Display in Header

Use Elementor to build header:

Click Edit with Elementor to edit. You can add any element to header.

Show/Hide element in Desktop/Table/Mobile

Display sticky menu (fixed menu) when scroll page

Insert class 'ovamenu_shrink ovamenu_shrink_mobile' in class setting like bellow image

2: Choose an Header in Post/Page

Edit a post/page and choose header verion that made with elementor.

Global: Use header in Apperance >> Customize >> Header >> Header Default

Default: Use header that render from file: Themes/egovt/header/header-default.php

Other Value: Build from Elementor in above step.

3: Use a Header for all Pages

Step 1: Go to Apperance >> Customize >> Header >> Header Default >> Choose a header version.

Step 2: In General Setting section of Post/Page: Header Version field choose Global

Step 3: In setting of plugin choose header version like in step 1

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